Fred Schneider & the Superions - Who Threw That Ham At Me (Official Music Video)

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(Fred Schneider of The B-52s)

From The Superions EP

Superion Films International is proud to present The Superions presentation of The Superions video: Who Threw That Ham At Me

This video is a serious cautionary tale concerning the serious crime of shoplifting and disco dancing (well, disco dancings no crime, but Who Threw That Ham At Me features herein the new dance craze that will sweep the nation, The Disco Garbage Can). Remember shoplifting is, uh, don't do it and it's not funny!


Allen Shepherd as Allen Gator
Megan Owens as Megan

Chris Griffin as Lucrezia Blozia
Joseph Dress as Joseph
Sarah Ormer as Sarah
Rosemarie Stephens-Booker as Rosemarie
Chris Brookbank as Chris
Yasmin Tuazon as Yasmin
Kris Roth as Kris
Lauren McGillicuddy as Lauren
Jean-Baptiste Regnard as Jean-Baptiste
Jim Stone as Jim
Cecelia Ponce as Cecelia
Jeff Evans as Jeff
James Adams as James
Ricardo Evans as Ricardo

Jan Paul Miller as Jan Paul
Kendra Vasquez as Kendra
Fred Schneider as The Obnoxious One on every show

John Rob Robertson as The Security Guard

Special guest appearance by
Jasmine Harris as Jasmine

and special appearance by
Ramon The Wonderdog as a cute basset hound

with Disco Garbage Can Dancers
Fred Schneider as Fred
Noah Brodie as Noah
Dan Marshall as Dan
PJ DeBoy and Paul Dawson as PJ & Paul

Stephen King as the water shoplifter and disco patron

Executive Producers
Fred Schneider and Allen Shepherd

Produced by
Fred Schneider
Allen Shepherd
Kerri Sheehan
Chris Griffin

Directed by
Fred Schneider and Kerri Sheehan

Edited by
William LeBlanc

Baltimore Unit
Production Assistant - Alex Kaufman
Graphic Design - Linas Garsys
Choreography and Smoke Machine - Twyla Barishnicough
Bubble Machine - Oops, didnt work
Directors of Photography - Christina Neston and Rob Gallaher
Cameras - Rob Gallaher and Greg Compton
iPhone Camera - Allen Shepherd

Orlando Unit
iPhone Camera - Noah Brodie and Dan Marshall

Filmed in Baltimore "The Charm City", Orlando "The City Beautiful", New York City and wherever that White House is.

We are extremely grateful to Pete Hilsee and everyone at the American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimores best.
Dennis and everyone at Eddies (the grocery to shop at)
Everyone at Mr. Rains Fun House (the best food and wine!)

Lodging accommodations provided by "La Maison de Miller" in Baltimore and "Bungalow Hamilton-Stone" in Alexandria

Special thanks to Alex Diehl and Will LeBlanc

© 2010 The Superions

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