Every Sample From James Blake - Assume Form

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James Blake finally released his third album in January, although this album have some obscure instrumentation by Metro Boomin on Miles High and Tell Them in trap atmosphere, James have been sample digging from The Manhattans to Bruno Nicolai. Here’s the “full” samples in Assume Form.

James Blake
Assume Form
Pop, Trap, Hip Hop, R&B
Capitol Records
James Blake, Dominic Miller, Dan Foat, Metro Boomin, Dre Moon, Wavey and Allen Ritter
Guests: Travis Scott, Metro Boomin, Rosalia, Andre 3000 and Moses Summey

Track Listing

1. Assume Form
2. Miles High
3. Tell Them
4. Into the Red
5. Barefoot in the Park
6. Can’t Believe the Way We Flow
7. Are You in Love?
8. Where’s the Catch?
9. I’ll Come Too
10. Power On
11. Don’t Miss It
12. Lullaby for My Insomniac

Writing credits

1. James Blake
2. James Blake, Leland Wayne, Jacques Webster
3. James Blake, Moses Sumney, Wayne, Allen Ritter
4. James Blake
5. James Blake, Rosalia Vila Tobella, Paco Ortega
6. James Blake, Teddy Randazzo, Roger Joyce, Victoria Pike
7. James Blake
8. James Blake, André Benjamin
9. James Blake, Bruno Nicolai
10. James Blake
11. James Blake
12. James Blake

Sample Credits

"Assume Form" contains a sample from "Depression", written by Adam Tench, and performed by Rage Almighty.

“Barefoot in the Park” contains a sample from “Fil a Run Ó”, performed by Valerie Armstrong.

"Can't Believe the Way We Flow" contains a sample from "It Feels So Good to Be Loved So Bad", written by Teddy Randazzo, and performed by The Manhattans.[

"Where's the Catch?" contains a sample from "Fire", written and performed by Sister Irene O'Connor.

"I'll Come Too" contains a sample from ”La Contessa, Incontro", written and performed by Bruno Nicolai.

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