The spookiest depression bop u'v EVER heard

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A spooky bop for spooky season. This is how friendly neighborhood poltergeist became a poltergeist.

Oh also if u feel like helping ur boy out, I started a gofundme so i can buy a new camera to up the quality of my videos for u guys! Here's the link
PLEASE DO NOT FEEL PRESSURED TO DONATE this is only for those of u that are balling and have change to spare haha I am currently saving and will be able to get the camera eventually this will just hopefully speed up the process.

Follow my Instagram @rorywebley
Follow my Tiktok @rorywebleyofficial
Leave me a COMMENT down below letting me know what you guys thought of the video and give me some future video suggestions that you wanna see!

How tall am I? 6'2"
What camera do I film with? my iphone XS Max
What editing software do i use? imovie
What do I smell like? jk that would be weird if that was a frequently asked question haha

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