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HighCom Civilian Armor Test

HighCom’s Civilian Armor is designed to withstand multiple shot impacts from handgun fire. These level IIIA inserts provide an multi-hit protection option for civilians to use at work, school, or during other normal everyday activities as they can easily be placed inside backpacks, pursues, briefcases, laptop cases and anything between.

Our Level IIIA lightweight panels are tested according to the National Institute of Justice and are designed and manufactured in the USA. Our high quality inserts are made of lightweight UHMPE material and outperforms steel and Aramid materials when processed with our proprietary process. In addition to our custom laptop, iPad, and backpack with built-in panels, we offer a variety of unique shapes and sizes to fit any current bag or case you may own. These inserts weigh roughly one pound and will easily slide into your child's backpack or your personal briefcase to provide you with the protection and piece of mind for you and your loved ones.

Suggested Applications:
Laptop case
iPad case
Tablet case
Door Panel
Desk Panel
Custom sizing and orders are available upon request.

Visit us online at:

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