Steve Situm - Good Morning [KT 22 Golden Gate] 1968 Obscure Sunshine Pop 45

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Steve Situm - Good Morning
KT 22 Golden Gate Records # US-295, released in 1968.
Cool obscure psych sunshine pop 45 cover version of The Beatles song from their legendary album "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (1967). Imho this version is better than original! Excellent tune for a morning cup of coffee. Vinyl rip from my 45's records collection.

"Nothing to do to save his life,
Call his wife in.
Nothing to say,
But what a day,
How's your boy been?
Nothing to do, it's up to you.
I've got nothing to say,
But it's OK... Good morning..."(Songs lyrics excerpt)

Hear groovy b-side "Steve Situm - Both Sides Now":

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