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Guys! Just want to tell you how much I love you all. You have been giving me support and following me for so long, and I really really really appreciate it.

This year has been quite good for me, ups and downs in life, maybe someday when we sit for a drink I will tell you all about it.
May 2016 Be the best year in all of your lives. I wish you all, from the bottom of my heart, a Happy and prosperous new year!

Please ENJOY! Hope this year will bring you all the happiness in the world!

I promise to keep bringing you all some amazing music through my channel as long as I can.

Please continue to follow me.

◄Track List►
[00:00] Wojciech Golczewski - Wrecker
[02:01] Acherontic Dawn - The Gathering
[05:42] Thunderstep Music - Against The System
[08:25] David Butterfield - The Forgotten Kingdom FINAL
[12:44] Ahmed Ghazwan - Enter Hardhome
[16:20] OriginsAudio- The Reckoning
[19:12] Respawn - Baptiste Fehrenbach
[24:16] Shifted Spirit
[26:23] C21FX - THE EARTH
[27:54] Phil Lober - The Honor In Her Effort
[32:24] Mitchell Tanner - To Higher Ground
[34:07] Voices Of Victory
[36:14] Salim Daïma - One Giant Leap
[40:55] Stellar Music - Triumph of spirit
[45:50] C21FX - TITUS
[47:50] C21FX - EXPENDABLE
[50:10] Maxime Sanchez - Lords of Time
[52:20] Aiden Appleton - Olympus
[54:55] Stellar Music - Quixotic
[58:35] Daniel Beijbom - Brute

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