Some Great Scenes Make You Really Uncomfortable!

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Some scenes in movies just make us so uncomfortable that we’re clenching in our seats. Subscribe:

Whether it’s from graphic or horrific violence, shifts in perspective, portrayals of our worst fears, or just hilariously awkward dialogue, some scenes just leave us squirming. We take a look at some of the scenes in movies that, for whatever reason, are hard to watch without “clenching your butthole”.

Anna went with Ichi the Killer’s nipple slicing scene.
Casey chose Peeping Tom’s shift to first person.
Ti picked The Walk’s tightrope walking scenes.
Clint chose Swingers’ awkward message scene.

What great movies do you find it tough to recommend? What is the hardest movie subject matter to recommend? Have you seen any of the movies we discussed?

Let us know in the comments below!

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