Bliss - If You Need Somebody [Enjoy] 1981 Modern Soul Funk 45

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Bliss - If You Need Somebody
Enjoy Records # ER-6020, released in 1981.
Killer 80's modern soul funk dancer dancer with catchy lyrics that makes my heart sing! Produced by Bobby Robinson. Vinyl rip from musicdawn 45s record collection.

You must have the magic potion that you make for me
Stimulates my deep emotion and my fantasy
Forever you got work it, it keeps me coming back
Hoop in your wealth of love, and that's the natural fact
I got a potion throwin, especially for you
And if you want to taste it girl, i tell you what to do
Open up your mind and body to this love of mine
You may not need my love all way, but you need my love sometimes
But if this loving, love is that you need
C'mon let me, let me fantasy
If you need somebody, well, here i am
Than i'll be somebody... (song lyrics excerpt)

Hear sweet soul flipside "Bliss - It's You":

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