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Horror Community Life Support Feat. UNIT #522 | πŸ”΄ The Deadstream | Episode 06

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Our community is on life support! Will we survive the loss of Net Neutrality and Adpocalypse 2.0? In this episode we’ll be interviewing Unit #522, talking about Mort’s vampire experience, Insidious, Charles Manson and so much more.
πŸ”— UNIT 522: https://goo.gl/75dpMi
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We'll also be taking questions during this stream. Leave your questions in the chat, then later we'll take a break from the discussion and answer some of them. We'll definitely address any super chats!

Submit your horror stories / news to [email protected] (Subject: Deadstream)

πŸ”΄ The Deadstream is a live YouTube Horror podcast where we talk about news going on in the world of YouTube Horror / Creepypasta and narrate fan-submitted stories on the air as we critique them.

The Deadstream is hosted by CZsWorld, Lady White Rabbit and Mortis Media. Intro and Outro music are composed by OST Maker. Chat is moderated by Cynder.

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🎡 OST Maker: https://goo.gl/ptqCLd

The Deadstream
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