Fireworks Crushed by Hydraulic Press|Explosion In The Press|4th of July Special - vTomb

Fireworks Crushed by Hydraulic Press|Explosion In The Press|4th of July Special

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This video is our special fourth of July version where we crush fireworks in the hydraulic press! First we crush poppers in the hydraulic press. I am not sure whether or not they will explode when I talk in the video. But sure enough they do explode. One by one, sounding like popcorn, the poppers explode in the hydraulic press. This is not a fireworks fail video, but more like a fireworks win! We have two video angles that show the fireworks bursting into flames. I even show slow motion of the fireworks bursting. In the slow motion you can see the fire as the fireworks explode in the hydraulic press. After the poppers, I load in a firework fountain. The fountain gets crushed flat by the hydraulic press.

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