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The end credits music from Steven Universe Future is parts of a new song called 'Being Human'. Here's my edit of the full song, which is now complete along with the show.
Goodbye Steven Universe. Thank you Rebecca Sugar & The Crewniverse!
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Singer: Emily King

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Textless credits background I made for this:

How I made this video ("Content Quality" notes):
This is my edit of a song from Steven Universe, pieced together from ten-second fragments in one of many languages. It has been paired with a video I made from scratch. At a glance, this appears to be a credits sequence copied directly from Steven Universe, but as I say, I made it myself, taking many hours of work.
Video contains the following elements: Recreated animation based on backgrounds from Steven Universe. Original title cards created by me in the style of the show. A full credits list of the cast and crew of Steven Universe, compiled by hand in Photoshop and layered on top of the background video to make an authentic-looking credits sequence.
This should be considered 'high quality editing' at the bare minimum.

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