ABOVE ALL Presents: Tako's Son - The Story of Rucci, his Father & Inglewood (Documentary)

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On the streets of Inglewood, only one name rang louder than the constant din of the jets overhead, Tako. Not a rapper nor an athlete, his exploits were infamous, sparking admiration and fear amongst gangs, citizens and police alike. But infamy begets prosecution.

Now from 150 miles south, across the Mexican border, Tako watches his son Rucci build his own legacy, using nothing more than his voice and lyrical ability to garner the same respect he once had. And now Rucci's primed to be the next artist to rise from LA’s recent rap renaissance. This is the story of Tako’s Son.

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Executive Producer: Amir Abbassy
Producer: Xhjyl Kelley Gossett
Assistant Producer: Jentry Salvatore & Quentin "Luciano" Durity
Director & Editor: Gabe Holstetler
Graphics and Visual Effects: Cheng & Lucky Sok
Sound Mixer: Laird Fryer

Special thanks to Holiday, Tuckk, The Level Up Store & Rogers Park Community Center.

RIP Sean Mackk

#ABOVEALL #Rucci #TakosSon

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