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For a school project Luna van der Horst (15) decided to set up a Kate Bush pop-up museum in her home in Zaandam, The Netherlands.

She got an A-plusplus for her school project. Naturally.

A year in the making, she transformed the family into a place of Kate and wonder. A place where people from all over flocked to.

Luna contacted several artists to make Kate Bush inspired artwork especially for this pop-up museum. And they did:
Rob Scholte, Bregtje Zitman-Deelen, Buket Albayrak, Edgar van der Woude, Esther Hans, Eveline Heijkamp, Gea Zwart, Gerben Valkema & Eric Hercules, Joost Pielkenrood & Katrine van Klaveren, Lousanne Schuuring, Marja Eshuijs, Martijn Couwenhoven, Michiel Teunen, Panda Gielen, Stefana Caramanica, Willem Moeselaar.

Fans send in rare Kate Bush collectibles. The event was opened by a museum director. Over a 100 people a day visited the pop-up museum. Luna got in the news papers and on Dutch national television.

With a clear vision and dedication to see her idea come to live, much like Kate Bush herself, Luna created a unique moment in time.

Luna is the youngest museum director.

Kate inspires.

#katebush #fishpeople

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