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A conversation with Matt Ruhland of Ruhland Mandolins - X-Bracing vs. Tone Bar

Portland, Oregon mandolin builder Matt Ruhland stopped by our store on May 1 to drop off three new mandolins, all from the same batch. They each have one-piece Alaskan Sitka Spruce tops, figured maple back, sides, and neck, and lovely spirit varnish finish.

The three mandolins, #21, 23, and 25, differ in their bracing. Two are X-braced (one forward-shifted) and one has traditional tone bar bracing.

In this video, Britt Arnesen from the House of Fine Instruments interviews Matt Ruhland about the mandolins while Missoula bluegrass picker extraordinaire Richie Reinholdt demonstrates the "oceans of tone".

This is a great opportunity to hear a side-by-side comparison of these three different bracing techniques on batch of mandolins all built at the same time, otherwise differing very little.

To learn more, visit:

Matt Ruhland Mandolins:

House of Fine Instruments:

Britchy (Britt and Richie) demonstrating Ruhland Mandolin #16:

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