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"Memoria" (Memory); Poem with Music. Poem and music by Sergio Ragaini

A Poetry of myself, recorded at home, like rehearsal for a Poetical Reading, I performed in Pavia, Italy, on January, 27th, 2019.
It was the so said "Day of Memory", settled up to remember the terrible Holocaust of Hebrew People.
A Poetry, thus, read during an intense and emotional moment.
In this piece, I want to refer not only to Hebrew Holocaust, but to any moment in which we don't learn from the lesson of the past.
In English Language, "Ignorance" is sometimes said as "Forgetfulness", that is "to forget something". When we forget, so, we dwell in ignorance, that, for every Buddhist Tradition (and not only Buddhist) is the worst Mental Hindrance, the origin of the whole set of problems and mentale and physical hindrances.
The text is, I think, intense, and maybe sometimes dramatic.
On the background, I piece played by myself. The "Polyphonic Baroque Style Improvisation" I recorded on this Channel on November, 23th, 2009, that, with its melancholic impact, I think well fits the text.
This recording is full "home made", with no sound manipulation.- So, it's really "raw". However, I think that it could be interesting.
I hope you enjoy this. Any feedback will be warmly welcome.

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