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L12: Revision on Translation | Complete Genetics (Pre-medical-NEET/AIIMS) | Ritu Rattewal

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This lesson starts with a discussion on Revision on Translation. It is a very important topic of Genetics. In this lesson, Ritu Rattewal shares his various preparation strategy along with examples which will help you to crack the exam.

1. Introduction to Translation
2. Importance of Translation
3. Structure of Translation

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04:00 PM - Complete Biology and previous year question papers by Ritu Ma'am
05:00 PM - Complete Botany for Grade 12 by Amit Sir
07:00 PM - Complete NCERT Review of Biology for Grade 12 by Anand Sir
08:00 PM - 120 day plan for Physics for Grade 12 by Rohit Sir
09:00 PM - 120 day plan for Chemistry for Grade 12 by Deepak Sir

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