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this is my first BIG, LEGIT, STUDIO FULL-LENGTH since breaking from a major label and you can pre-order a copy TODAY at
i've spent four years writing the songs for it, and more recently, putting together the perfect band, The Grand Theft Orchestra.
plus i've been working in secret with artists for MONTHS to get shit ready for PACKAGING, a BOOK, and a TRAVELING ART SHOW, and now, it's time.

this is it.

for as little as a dollar, you can back me (and get a digital download of the album plus bonus kickstarter-backer digital content). for $25, there's a limited edition CD. $50? a gorgeous 180gram double vinyl. and the rewards keep on going up, and up, and up.
there are a ton of AMAZING rewards including the art book, tickets to backer-exclusive art events/acoustic shows, customized turntables, house parties, a limited edition book by neil gaiman & kyle cassidy, and MORE. go check it all out/pre-order at:

i cannot tell you how much it will mean to me if you're broke but you still choose to give me a dollar to back the project. and if you can't even do that...spread the link/like this video/share the campaign with anyone and everyone you know, however you can.
and if everybody does that, we will win.

that's almost more valuable than giving me a dollar. tell EVERYBODY.

it starts NOW...

...let's DO THIS!!!!!!

PLEASE NOTE: this project WILL be funded on thursday may 31st at 11:59PM EST but that means if you don't back it before then you're not going to be able to get the exclusive, limited edition, backer-stuff...this is IT. yes, there will be a standard edition available in september, but all of this craziness is DONE when the kickstarter're you waiting for? HURRY!

video shot & cut by jim batt | @battsignal
end-card/edit by sean francis | @indeciSEAN

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