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Royal Pirates - Disappear MV

This MV was made independently for the fans. (RP's new Youtube Channel)

Royal Pirates first independent MV of their demo song, "Disappear".

Music by Royal Pirates
Moonchul Kim- Lead Vocal/Guitar
Sooyoon Kim- Drums/Subvocal
James Lee- Bass/Subvocal

Directed by Steve Hwang
Steve's Website:

Sound Engineers:
Drums by Robby
Effects & Edited by Russ

Lyrics (by Moonchul):
Tell me that this is my mistake and youre not
Telling me that this is the end, no I hope not
And you are burning me inside
Things that Ive never meant to say I told you
Thing that you wanted me to say, I never did
And this is burning me inside

Ill try to leave this behind
Ill try to leave you afar

Would you disappear
To where youve never been before
I just cant let you be here no more
And Im not stopping you here
So just disappear

You've taken me down and let me drown
I shouldve taken you down with me
And all the things we share
Lets just burn it all on sight

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