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107 Taylor Swift Music Facts YOU Should Know (Ep #1) - MicDrop

From her first crossover hit, "Teardrops on My Guitar" to her more recently teaching everyone to "Shake It Off," Taylor Swift is a Billboard chart-topper that is known for her successful move from country to pop music. At only age 26, T. Swift has all generations hooked and singing her songs. She has broken industry records, sold out massive stadiums like Madison Square Garden, and been the talk of the town both in music and celeb gossip (ex-boyfriend stories, anyone?). With simple and catchy songs, and a likable persona, it's hard to not have a "Blank Space" in your heart for Taylor Swift. And it's seems like she's just getting started. So whether you're just getting started, or you've already been following this princess of pop, we here at MicDrop have the 107 Music Facts About Taylor Swift!

Learn more about Taylor Swift through Journey to Fearless:

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Written by: Connor Hachey, Jenny Sekulow , Walt Riberio, Soy Nguyen
Hosted by: Lauren Mayhew
Twitter: @LCMayhew
Instagram: @officialmayhew
Graphics and Edited by: Chase Anast
Thumbnail by: Lauren Emory
Music by Audiomicro

MicDrop is a brand new music channel featuring the biggest names in music. We take the artist you adore and give you the inside scoop on how they became the international hits they are today through our 107 Music Facts. We also have exclusive live performances from their artists and fun videos each week.

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