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Oscilloscope use - how to use DSO, tutorial

Learn How to use an oscilloscope? in this CRO, DSO oscilloscope tutorial. Power supply connection, Probe connection, Earthing, Isolation transformer, time plot, X Y plot, AC DC GND coupling, Vertical position control, Vertical scale control in DSO/CRO, oscilloscope uses in electronics to measure waveform are explained in this video lecture part 1 and very useful for beginners. The oscilloscope is a measuring instrument, that is used to measure voltage, current, rise time, analysis etc of various electrical signal waveforms. The function of the Digital storage Oscilloscope DS 5032E is explained. An educational tutorial on electrical engineering and electronics engineering, 69 by G K Agrawal (Gopal Krishna Agrawal). The lecture is given by the person with industrial experience.

You will learn the following function in this part of the tutorial
1- AC supply connection in the oscilloscope
2- Earthing problem and isolation in the DSO
3- AC, DC, Ground coupling selection for the inputs
4- Vertical scale control in DSO
5- time plot XY plot
6- Vertical position control in DSO

Watch How to use an Oscilloscope Part 2



Basic functions and method to use of the DSO oscilloscope are explained with DSO type DS 5032e as an example and with a demo with practical using one sample electronic circuit.

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