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TikTok Prank in TELUGU | Pranks in Hyderabad 2019 | Telugu Pranks | FunPataka

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TikTok Prank in Hyderabad by FunPataka Team.
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FunPataka Team:
Camera & Editing : a.r.manohar
Pranksters : macha kiran, aditya

Follow us on Instagram:
FunPataka -- https://www.instagram.com/funpataka/
A.R.Manohar -- https://www.instagram.com/a.r.manohar/
Kiran Goud -- https://www.instagram.com/kirangoudm/
Aditya -- https://www.instagram.com/thisis.aditya/


Anna Rammantundu Prank Part 2 : https://youtu.be/rfNBFaI6Q8c

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BEATBOX PRANK in TELUGU : https://youtu.be/mTAfCYgmKEY

BOX PRANK in Telugu : https://youtu.be/nZNjx9jr_8w

Comment Trolling Prank #12 in Telugu : https://youtu.be/cT_JtPC1AGw

RICH BEGGAR with BENZ CAR Prank in Telugu : https://youtu.be/W9T2WDzOmHc

Valentine's Day Prank in Telugu : https://youtu.be/X9QYwYiEMIk

BusinessMan Funny Prank PART - 2 : https://youtu.be/7GOqwqC1GQw

Singing Badly in Public Prank in Telugu : https://youtu.be/P8QyK9-HrrQ

KUNG FU Prank : https://youtu.be/8DxC9QbgeSA

BusinessMan Funny Prank : https://youtu.be/RvF5No0pgKE

RA RA CHUSKUNDHAAM Funny Prank : https://youtu.be/brPflgV-oFw

Comment Trolling Prank #11 in Telugu : https://youtu.be/jbSjGeV0_UE

PICHODU a Funny Prank in GODAVARIKHANI : https://youtu.be/IpkiuSJnsY0

HAPPY CHRISTMAS Prank in Telugu : https://youtu.be/iIM_Bc_XZAU

Varsham Padithe Funny Prank : https://youtu.be/D5dd4n-PaVA

Saying THANK YOU for No Reason Prank in Telugu : https://youtu.be/1QaYJ4_wC58

Comment Trolling Prank #10 in Telugu : https://youtu.be/HG35oLz_Soo

KISSES ISTHAANU a Funny Prank in Telugu : https://youtu.be/j4l5QuRFmFo

Sticky Handshake Prank in Telugu Part 2 : https://youtu.be/b-aWg25QmYA

Comment Trolling Prank #9 in Telugu : https://youtu.be/tnQTK38KohE

Children's Day Special : https://youtu.be/nVZfiBb-m78

Best Diwali Prank in Telugu : https://youtu.be/gQZf7LpDcBk

I am A DANCER Funny Prank in Telugu :

I AM A DANCER prank teaser : https://youtu.be/KzCAiczN-z8

Pranks in Hyderabad

Hyderabad Pranks, Telugu Best Pranks 2019

We do comedy pranks in telugu. You can watch funny telugu pranks in our channel. Till now all our pranks were shot in Hyderabad. FunPataka is consistent Hyderabad pranks channel.

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