Goddess Tirupatamma | Telangana Devotional Folk Songs | Penuganchi Prolu Ma Tirupatamma Telugu Song

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Listen to Penuganchi prolu ma tirupatamma Telangana devotional folk song on Amulya audios and videos. Sri Lakshmi Tirupatamma temple that was built as far back as in the seventeenth century is attracting streams of devotees round the year and is one of the very famous temples in the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, whose phenomenal growth started from the date of her immolation(agnipravesham).

Sri Tirupatamma is worshipped in the Penuganchiprolu Temple as the image of “Shakti”. She preached virtuous qualities of life to her devotees and made her, abode at Penuganchiprolu. Mudiraj Papamamba was her principal devotee and therefore, her family members are ordained to perform poojas and other sevas in the Temple.

Lyrics Jadala Ramesh

Singer Vadlakonda Anil

Music Namdev

Recording Amulya Studios

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