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115-902 Final Exam Practical | Development Preparations | Repository Setup

In this video, we create a GitHub Repository and prepare it for the development of our Final Exam Project. In doing this we create a file and link our repository to GitHub Pages where we will be able to view a hosted version of our master branch. Finally, we clone our repository to our localhost and position ourselves to begin development.

Table of Contents:

00:00 - Introduction
00:10 - create a repository named web-115 practical
00:23 - add a description stating the repository for your final practical
00:46 - make your repository private
00:48 - initialize a README file and add WordPress
00:56 - create the repository
01:05 - click on settings to create your GitHub Page
01:12 - set the GitHub Pages to your master branch
01:17 - copy the link to your GitHub Pages so you can paste it into your README file
01:32 - add the link to your GitHub Pages in your README file
01:44 - commit the changes to your README file to the master branch
01:51 - validate your GitHub Pages link is correct
02:00 - clone the web-115-practical repository to begin developing
02:04 - copy the link to clone the branch
02:12 - open Cmder to clone the repository to localhost
02:15 - navigate to your localhost root folder
02:18 - clone the repository to your localhost root directory
02:33 - move into the web-115-practical repository
02:38 - validate the repository was cloned successfully

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