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Best iPhone Camera Apps - How to Film with iPhone!

Here's the BEST iPhone Camera Apps for Video! ***** FREE 12 Step Guide to Filming Amazing Videos on iPhone:

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iPhone Apps:
- Movie Pro:
- ProShot:
- Kinomatic:
- Filmic Pro:

// Android user? Check out the Best Android Camera Apps for Video here:

- MoviePro Tutorial:
- Kinomatic Tutorial:
- FiLMiC Pro Tutorial:
- ProShot Tutorial:


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- Android Version:

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-- Best iPhone Camera Apps - How to Film with iPhone! --

The stock camera apps on most phones are designed to be simple, and automate many of the functions & settings you would be able to control on most other cameras. To get full control over your Smartphone camera, unlock some cool iPhone camera tricks, and get the best results possible, there are some great Camera apps available!

And by ‘some’, I mean a LOT. In fact, there’s so many the decision can be pretty overwhelming… I’ve tested a TON of the options available over time, and in this video we run through my picks when it comes to the best camera apps on iOS for video!

We look at a range of alternatives with varying prices, and finish with my number 1 pick for the Best Camera iPhone Camera App for Video!

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