Dodge Dakota - History, Major Flaws, & Why It Got Cancelled After 25 Years! (1987-2011) - ALL 3 GENS

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Today's video is on the Dodge Dakota pickup truck! This is by far the longest episode because this truck last for 25 years through 3 generations, from 1987 as a 2-door, all the way until 2011 as a Ram Dakota. This truck was originally made to fill the gap between compact and full-size trucks in Dodge's lineup, acting as a midsize. It started out as fun and sporty, racking up sales, but as it grew in size, sales began shrinking, and I have found 5 major flaws and reasons that I felt caused the Dakota to be cancelled. Watch along to see the full life of the truck from inception to cancellation!

Dodge Dakota First Gen (1987-1996): 00:55
Dodge Dakota Second Gen: (1997-2004): 08:27
Dodge Dakota Third Gen: (2005-2011): 13:18
Major Flaws/Reasons for Cancel: 19:04

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