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Top Tips for Maintaining your Car - Honda UK

Want to know the top tips for maintaining your car? Today we spent some time with Honda UK's press fleet technicians, John White and Jason Ryder, to get their car maintenance tips and tricks.

From cleaning your car properly, through brake dust removal, to a tyre check with 20p - John and Jason cover all the basics that drivers sometimes forget but should always keep in mind, to have their cars performing in the best and safest way possible. They also show us how to jump start a car and how to check your engine oil, among other car maintenance tips.

0:13 How to keep your car clean
0:55 How to maintain your windscreen and wiper blades
1:40 How to check your tyre tread and tyre pressures
2:30 How to jump start your car safely
3:14 How to check your car's lights are working correctly
4:07 How to check and top up your engine oil

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