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Oxytocin-How to Increase Oxytocin, the LOVE Hormone, in 13 Natural Ways

What is oxytocin and why would you want to increase your oxytocin levels? What if I told you this video shares 13 fun, natural ways to have more love, confidence, and happiness? You do it by increasing your oxytocin! That's why you want more oxytocin, to have these benefits and many others. Studies have shown that increasing oxytocin, also known as the "Love Hormone," can lead to more love, confidence, courage, friends and ultimately more happiness.

The Title of this video is: "Oxytocin Hormone-How to Increase the LOVE Hormone in 13 Natural Ways" and it will do just that. Some ways to raise your oxytocin may surprise you because they are things you are already doing already. However, there are some you may not be doing and it could be hindering you from living your happiest life. Oxytocin is frequently called the love hormone, Don't you want more love in your life? This video will show you 13 ways to increase oxytocin, plus all the 13 ways are natural!

This video also discusses how raising oxytocin can improve your health by reducing your cardiovascular risks. Raising your oxytocin can also make you less fearful. This video also discusses what oxytocin does to your amygdala, the part of the brain that deals with fear.

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What is Oxytocin?-How to Increase the LOVE Hormone in 13 Natural Ways

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