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Movie Wars - Prepare for ROUND 6!

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WILD CARD VOTING CLOSED! Beatrix Kiddo, AKA The Bride has made the bracket! We gather in preparation for another round of Movie Wars! Subscribe:

Today, we award the Worst Wars trophy to Dave (Two-time winner!!!), whose character, Bella Swan from Twilight defeated Jar Jar Binks from the Star Wars Prequels in a heated battle, which you can watch here:

Congratulations Dave! Now you’re at the mercy of the masses, as you’ll be representing the Wild Card... and this is a particularly tough round to be at the mercy of the masses!

The Sorting Sombrero has spoken, and the next round of Movie Wars will be… ACTION HEROES!

Yup, here we'll be gathering to discuss who the best action hero in the history of cinema is. Who will win?

Here’s the breakdown for the first round of ACTION WARS:

Ellen Ripley (Christina) vs. Harry Tasker from True Lies (Ti)
Indiana Jones (Casey) vs. Rambo (Truly)
Dutch from Predator (Clint) vs. James Bond (Cruz)
Neo (Anna) vs. THE WILD CARD (Dave)

Tune in to CineFix in the future to see our lively debates, and vote for which film alien you want to see advance in the brackets. AND make sure to weigh in on the WILD CARD selection in the comments!

Did your favorite action movie hero(ine) go un-championed in our selections (You could have Keanu face Keanu in round 1, and let's not forget all the superheroes that nobody choose, there’s Casey Ryback from Under Siege, and Ash from Evil Dead, Alice from Resident Evil, and so many other great choices)? Suggest OR up-vote your pick in the comments! Who do you think is going to emerge victorious from this tournament? Which matchup are you most looking forward to?

Let us know in the comments below!

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