420B Volume type sugar rice granule combination packing machine supplier

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Name : Ms Sharon
Tel/ whatsapp/Wechat:0086 15918821136
Email : [email protected]

Our packing machine specializing in the production of the widely used in all kinds of powder, granule, liquid, solid items, irregular items,hardware, plastic toys etc. The scope of business involves food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, toys,electronic appliances,hardware accessories,home furnishing accessories industry. Mainly engaged in food packing machine, pharmaceutical packing machine, chemical packing machine, ultrasonic packing machine(non-woven),toy packing machine, furniture hardware accessories packing machine and non-standard design customized products. The annual output reaches 600-1000 units, and the matching is strong, which can meet the needs of different users.

Our company has strong technical, advanced equipment and process facilities, while the production of complete sets of non-standard products, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, installation, training and a series of services, since the market has won the trust and praise of the majority of users. Especially the pharmaceutical factories, daily chemical factories, home appliances manufacturers favor, has become the first choice for their replacement of imported equipment.The company adheres to the principle of customer satisfaction, sustainable management, quality excellence, pioneering and innovative policies. Our machines are one-year warranty, life-long maintenance services, providing personnel training, technical advice, processing products, packaging, after-sales maintenance, long-term supply spare parts and other after-sales projects. User needs is our pursuit, we will be happy to provide wonderful products to satisfy the users, after-sales service. Guangzhou Mingke will still adhere to the principle of "honesty, customer first, people-oriented, science and technology first" principle, development with the users.

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