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Golden rules of project management - communication

Project management communication is the means by which information or instructions are exchanged. Successful communication occurs when the received meaning is the same as the transmitted meaning.

What is key to effective communication in projects and how to improve your project management communication

Find out what industry leaders are saying,

• Alexa Briggs – Project Manager and Scrum master, Equal Experts
My golden rule for project management is about being open and honest and clear in your communication both with your teams so they know their expectations, and also with your stakeholders so they can always back you and you always deliver success.

• Robert Deatker - Former Project Director, Turner & Townsend
Communicate to ask questions, do not be a project manager who hides behind the laptop, behind the computer. Go out and talk to everybody.

• Susie Dixon - Senior Project Manager, QinetiQ
Talk, talk, talk - to everybody all the time.

• Alan Barnard - Founding Director, Campaign It
The golden rule from my perspective is to take communication seriously, to understand that they are not a bolt-on, they are not an add-on, they are integral to the success of a project.

• Beth Alderman - Former Project Manager, Turner & Townsend
My project management golden rule is definitely communication, it's too easy to email so just picking up the phone and talking to people is far more effective than relying on electronic communication.

• Douglas Oakervee, Former Chairman, High Speed 2 Ltd
Always have an open door, be prepared to speak to everybody and try and understand the other person’s point of view.

• Ed Hoffman, Chief Knowledge Manager, NASA
It's about communication, communication, communication.

• Karan Bawa, Programme Manager, Institute of Directors
Lots of communication, lots of stakeholder engagement. Keep it all visual and simple. Do not complicate anything that doesn't need to be complicated.

• Mark Butler - Senior Program Manager, Virgin Galactic
It's absolutely essential to keep on communicating, you can never do too much communication.

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