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Avengers: Watch This Before You See Endgame

Your ultimate MCU recap before watching Avengers: Endgame! Subscribe to our channel for more awesome videos:

Ya know, it may sound kind of odd to say to an audience such as ours, ya know, with how much you guys like the MCU (at least judging by the views our MCU videos get), but not everyone has seen every one of the 21 films that make up the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I know! Crazy right? What kind of hyper successful, probably beautiful, social life-having loser hasn’t seen every single entry in this landmark franchise?

Probably just someone who wishes they were as cool as us…

Anyways, for those people out there who haven’t spent the 45-ish hours that it takes to get through every film, but whose FOMO in regards to Endgame is guaranteeing that they are going to be sitting there in the theater on the 26th of April, I am here to give you a very brief history of all the major events in the MCU.

So sit back, grab your favorite beverage or two, and get ready for a journey. A journey that begins, at the dawn of the universe.

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