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McLaren Senna LAP RECORD at Spa-Francorchamps! 2:24.82 by Duncan Tappy

There's a new fastest road car at Spa-Francorchamps, the McLaren Senna! During shakedown at Pure McLaren with Duncan Tappy at the wheel, the car reached a time of 2:24.82 beating anything that's come before it by a substantial margin and setting a new production car lap record on the famous F1 circuit.

Without even trying for a lap record, the Senna is simply so fast that just while testing and running it already manages to set the astonishing sub-2:25 time. As you'll see from the full onboard video and analysis of the telemetry, had the second flying lap been completed it was heading towards a time of 2:24 dead and potentially into the 2:23s. Better still, all of this is completed with a privately owned customer car that had been taking part in the multi-day Pure McLaren event.

Piloting the Senna for the test laps was Duncan Tappy, an established driver with a wealth of experience racing with McLaren, Bentley and a Formula Renault championship winner. The car itself is in completely standard road legal specification and configuration; nothing is changed from normal spec and it is running road-legal Pirelli Trofeo R tyres as standard for the McLaren Senna.

These laps were by no way a sanctioned lap record attempt, but purely an example of how unbelievably fast this car is, and how it could arrive at circuits around the world and better road car records galore.

You can follow Duncan on his Instagram page here for more updates and outings in the future:

Thanks for watching, Tim


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