Passenger | Losing My Religion (R.E.M. Cover)

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hey everyone !!

i just wanted to share this little video that we made ….

for those of you that have been following for a while , you might remember the “sunday night video” series that we made with the once and stu larsen a couple of years ago as we toured across america ?

basically we picked a cover song relating to a city that we were passing through . we would then play it at every show for a week before recording and filming a live version that we’d post up on youtube and Facebook etc ….

i look back so fondly on those videos and feel like they were a really cool way of keeping you guys up to date with where we were . plus it was loads of fun .

so ……

we’re gonna do it again only this time i don’t think the songs will necessarily have much to do with where we are - just some of our / your favourites .

also my amazing sound guys have cobbled together a mobile recording rig which means we can record without needing any power - this allows us to hopefully get out in to some really cool spots .

bellow is our first attempt …. the song is “losing my religion” by the mighty R.E.M and we shot it by tower bridge in london .

massive thanks to my incredible band and crew for working so hard on their "days off" to make these videos happen and of course to the incredibly talented Jarrad Seng for shooting it so beautifully .

please share it around as much as possible and also let us know what songs you want to hear in the comments section below (not "let it go" haha ;-))

mike xxx

Directed by Jarrad Seng
2nd Camera - Jeremy Tan
Recorded by Simon Kemp
Mixed by Chris Vallejo

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