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25 Mysteries and Plot Holes The Jurassic Park/World Franchise Left Hanging

The Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movies are a lot of fun, as long as you don't think too hard about them. Subscribe to our channel:

The Jurassic Park franchise is one of the greatest in movie history, beloved by fans and dinosaur enthusiasts alike. The first time seeing realistic dinosaurs on screen blew everyone’s minds back in 1993, and they haven’t disappointed since. Despite this, no movie is free of a couple of plot holes, leaving audiences with some serious questions. Questions like: what time period are these creatures actually from, because most of them aren’t actually Jurassic? And how did DNA possibly last for 15 million years? Apparently T-Rex couldn’t actually run that fast, and would have taken at least twenty years to grow to their full size. Velociraptors were less terrifying and more like the turkeys we know today, and Brachiosaurus definitely couldn’t sneeze. Gary and Sattler have too easy of a time digging up bones with their bare hands, and poor Timmy didn’t actually need to climb all the way over that fence he was so afraid of. How high can a T Rex jump, if Dr Grant needed to repel down into its enclosure? And while Dr Grant may be a great scientist, a crack shot he is not. In The Lost World: Jurassic Park, why open a door that you are certain a T Rex is lurking behind, and if it is locked in there, then who ate the crew? Dr. Burke surely could have not overreacted to a snake in his shirt when a T Rex is waiting to eat him. In Jurassic Park III, how did Ellie manage to wrangle both the Navy and the Marines for a private rescue mission? Everyone seems really cool with Pterodactyls, seeing as how they just ate their friend and terrorized them a moment ago. In Jurassic World, why didn’t anyone program safety protocols into the Gyrosphere, and how is it possible to restart a 22 year old Jeep with such ease? There’s a divorce that is never mentioned again, some completely impractical high heels, and Clair’s unspoken sharp-shooter abilities to contend with. Corralling humans into a giant feeding pen is a terrible evacuation procedure. The Indominus Rex can smell humans only when it’s convenient to the plot, and the same can be said for its ability to communicate with other dinosaurs. The movie should have been about Indominus Rex and Blue the raptor, or at least explained how the Mosasaurus hasn’t leapt out of it’s tank and eaten more people. How come no one talks more about how Indominus Rex can camouflage herself, and finally, who in the world would get bored with dinosaurs?

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