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GM's New Chevy Menlo EV Won't Be Sold Outside China: Here's Why We Think That's The Case

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General Motors (Holden) has been making and selling plug-in vehicles in some markets now since 2010. And while it's been very difficult to get hold of a Chevy Volt (not to mention Chevy Bolt) in some markets, it has sold enough plug-in cars in the U.S. to trigger the 200,000th vehicle limit for the full $7,5000 federal tax credit available to anyone who purchases a new plug-in car (and has a tax liability they can write the credit off against).

GM has also promised us plenty of new models would be coming to market -- but as of yet, none have outside of China.

So when GM unveiled yet another car this week for the Chinese market -- the Menlo EV -- many commentators felt GM was purposely leaving them out of the equation. After all, the Menlo has the looks for a much wider audience around the world. Why make it China only?

We thought it was time to try and figure out.

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