1 HOUR of Background Music ♫♥ Sleep - Study - Homework - Relaxing ♫♥

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1 HOUR of Relaxing background music! Ideal for homework, studying, relaxing and sleep! A compliation album of piano music and lullaby music ♫♥ Be sure to check out our other 170+ beautiful piano & orchestra uploads in our channel! I recommend " A Winters Wish" - probably the best ever music written! CLICK THIS LINK on YOUTUBE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OVxTjfLAFw
This is in dedication for our children, Mum & Dad love you beyond words xxx

iTunes: http://goo.gl/rcrBQE
AMAZON MP3: http://goo.gl/lzaUvc
Google PLAY: http://goo.gl/fVSSu1
© Harrys Cupboard Music:

"Background music" refers to various styles of music or soundscapes primarily intended to be passively listened to. It is not meant to be the main focus of an audience, but rather to supplement that which is meant to be focused upon. Music that is played at a low volume and is not the main focus of an audience is also referred to as background music. Traditional examples of background music include music played at various social gatherings and music played in certain retail venues. It is also common to employ background music in various electronic media including film, television, video games, and Internet videos such as video blogs & YouTube.

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