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How To Be Comfortable On Camera

Knowing how to be comfortable on camera is one of the most important aspects of being a Youtuber. Your on camera confidence can make or break your audience's perception of you and your content so it's important you learn these 5 tips for being comfortable in front of your camera.

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We all have to start someone and it's not always easy to work through our own hang-ups about how we look or sound on camera. I mean, if you look through YouTube it's pretty obvious who is and who isn't comfortable on camera and I'm sure you want to be one of the latter...right?

Watch this full video to get my top 5 tips for being great on camera.

☑️ Equipment I used to make this video:

Camera - Canon 70D

Lens - Canon 18-135 STM

Mic - Audio Technica 8035

Zoom H4n

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Tips for being on camera:

How to look natural on camera:

How to overcome camera shyness:

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