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Hole in the Forehead - A stranger and a bandit seek out a trio of playing cards that will lead them to hidden treasure.

Hole in the Forehead (1968):
Director: Giuseppe Vari (as Joseph Warren)
Writers: Adriano Bolzoni (screenplay), Adriano Bolzoni (story)
Stars: Dragomir Bojanic-Gidra, Robert Hundar, Rosy Zichel
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Release Date: 26 February 1971 (West Germany)
Also Known As: A Hole Between the Eyes

A stranger and a bandit seek out a trio of playing cards that will lead them to hidden treasure.

"Billy Blood (Dragomir Bojanić) arrives at a small monastery in a Mexican border province, awaiting an acquaintance who possesses a rather significant playing card...one of three that help define where 100,000 gold pesos hidden during Santa Ana’s reign are located. His contact is killed however, and as he investigates the killing and the location of the cards, he's put into the path of the vicious General Munguya (Claudio Undari aka Robert Hundar) and his gang.

"You wouldn't believe it if I said I didn't want to kill you."

Routine, but tough as nails Spaghetti Western. Giuseppe Vari's direction is simple, never calling attention to itself. I've liked Hundar in what I've seen him in, and it was his presence that drew me into this. He plays his villain way over-the-top, which helps give the film the spark it needs. Bojanić (in one of five spaghetti westerns he starred in over a two-year swing) isn't the most charismatic western lead, but he's forceful and direct, and that suits the role he's playing. This came out during the period that Bojanić was being credited as Anthony Ghidra, and considering the timeline, I'm assuming he was nick-named after Toho's popular 3-Headed Monster? (Just a guess.) He also shows a soft side when it comes to a group of young women who've been handled roughly by Munguya's men...

"There's too much danger, chica. Your happiness lies elsewhere, I assure you."

A little slow-going, but it cranks up as it goes along. Highlights include an arm wrestling scene in which a spiked board awaits the hand of the loser, Bojanić head-butting two of the villain's screaming wenches, plenty of gatling gun goodness, Corinne Fontaine's presence, some pleasingly shot (though admittedly limited) locations, and the meritable score by Roberto Pregadio.

Questionable moments, like our hero killing two seemingly innocent men and taking their horse and wagon, makes me wonder if the English dubbed version differs from the original. Regardless, I enjoyed this. Sure, it's nothing you haven't seen, but its meted out in a satisfying way. Recommended." Written by Mandrakegray via letterboxd.com


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