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Brian Thomas - Blown Straight 8 Packard - Hot Rod Hill Climb 2016

Brian's words - "Engine is a 1948 Packard 327 cubic inch inline 8. All hop up parts are home built & the blower was added. Has forged Ross pistons & an Isky custom ground cam. 8" connecting rods hold the Pistons in the bore. The crank stroke is 4-1/4" & the bore is 3-1/2". The engine is fed with 4 modified Stromberg 97 carburetors. They are not progressive but open all four at the same time. Blower makes 5 psi of boost. The transmission is 1948-49 Packard & has a overdrive. The shift tower is 35-37 Packard Jr.
Revs to a bit over 5000 rpm and pulls like a train.

The body was a 1930 ford model A 2 door sedan long before I got it. I received the doors and front cowl and built the body from that point. The roadster back of the body is a 56 ford truck hood. All the stainless interior is home made as is the frame. The rear spring cross member is from a model A frame. Rear wheels are 18x5-1/2" with 40 spokes and where custom made for the car. The front wheels are 33-34 Chevrolet standard coupe 18x3-1/2" with 44 spokes. Rear tires are 750x18 Firestones & the fronts are 600x18 excelsiors. Rear axle is a Halibrand V8 quick change axle. Rear axle ratio for the event was 6.29 using a #17 gear set. Ring and pinion ratio is 3.54
I have built everything on the car and had it now for 10 years. Fastest I have driven the car was 130 mph. It had enough to do 150 if you have the balls to try it!"

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