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5 Most Powerful Combine Harvesters In The World

amazing the 5 most powerful combine harvesters in the world
1 Claas Lexion 700 With a combination of strength, efficiency and performance in any crop condition, there's only one combine made to be LEXION STRONG!

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2 New Holland CR10.90 Harvester equipped with a power plant capacity equal to 652 horsepower (486 kW), and it clearly confirms that the race for power has not spared the field of activity of companies producing equipment for harvesting grain crops.
On the other hand, the type of processor that is optimal for your production (rotary, rocker, hybrid) and the reapers (the combing and traditional) it is necessary to consider parameters such as field size, its moisture content, weed infestation, yield.

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3 Fendt IDEAL 9T A combine, developed from a blank sheet of paper and with no limits, designed to open up new horizons in productive harvests. For the needs of professional farmers and contractors both today and in the future. An innovative threshing system, which always delivers the most efficient output and the cleanest results in any crop type and under any conditions. A machine which makes best use of even the shortest harvest window, with uncompromising quality and absolute reliability.

4 Case IH Axial-Flow 40 lead the industry in performance. Combines Axial-Flow have fewer drive components and designed with simplicity and reliability. Combines Axial-Flow included in the family of machines Case IH technology performance and deliver exceptional fuel economy, and liquids, while having an impressive capacity.

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5 John Deere S Series on absorbed the best achievements of recent years and can remove a variety of crops without extensive retrofitting. Best of all it is suitable for heavy duty where you need large power, efficiency, and accuracy, as the grain losses do not exceed 1%, made possible by the AB scheme. The new system also provides better smoothness and uniformity of harvest, and the percentage of damaged grains not more than 0,2.

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