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Coca Cola Disinfection - Scary Stories Good Crazy Idea: Experiment Superhero Coca Cola New Crazy Art

#ScaryStories #CocaColaArt #Art
Coca Cola Disinfection! Scary Stories Good Crazy Idea! Experiment Superhero Coca Cola New Crazy Art!
#cartoons #comics #cocacola
What is disinfection?
Disinfection (decontamination) scary stories is a set of measures aimed at the destruction or removal of pathogens of infectious diseases in the human environment of coca cola art, including in living organisms (arthropods and rodents). The purpose of scary stories disinfection is to interrupt the spread of infectious diseases. It is accepted to distinguish the following disinfection measures: the actual disinfection, disinsection and deratization of coca cola art.

What is meant by “disinfection proper” scary stories?
Actually disinfection consists in the destruction or removal of pathogenic microorganisms on various objects and environmental objects scary stories. Disinfection is divided into preventive and focal coca cola art.

What is scary stories preventive disinfection?
Preventive disinfection is the decontamination of those objects where only the presence of pathogenic coca cola art pathogens is expected (disinfection of tap water and water in swimming pools, disinfection in public places and for general use, etc.).

What is focal disinfection scary stories?
Focal disinfection (current and final) is performed in the outbreak of an infectious disease, i.e., where the infectious patient is or was, for example, in an apartment or in the infectious diseases unit coca cola art. At the bedside of an infectious patient, current disinfection is carried out, the task of which is to destroy pathogenic microorganisms as they are released from the patient's body.

What is the subject of current scary stories disinfection?
The objects of the current disinfection are the linen and bedding, the discharge of the patient, the items of care for him, etc. For example, in dysentery, the pathogen in large quantities is excreted in the feces of the patient, seeding the surrounding environment, in typhoid fever and urine; consequently, these discharges of patients should first of all be subjected to ongoing disinfection.

What is the final disinfection of scary stories coca cola art?
Final disinfection is carried out in the outbreak after removing the source of infection from it (in the infectious disease ward - after discharge or death of the patient) in order to destroy the pathogens that may have remained in the room where the patient was. Unlike current disinfection, it is performed once.

What disinfection methods do scary stories secrete in the infectious diseases hospital?
There are 3 main methods of disinfection: mechanical, physical and chemical coca cola art.

What is the mechanical method of scary stories disinfection?
The mechanical method of disinfection involves wet cleaning, washing, washing, shaking out and vykolachivanie. This also includes filtering air and water, which consists in cleaning them from foreign particles, including coca cola art microbes. The mechanical method does not lead to complete liberation from microbes; therefore, it is usually combined with physical and chemical methods.

What is the physical way to disinfect scary stories?
The physical method of disinfection is boiling, steam and hot air treatment, as well as ultraviolet radiation. Boiling is used to treat linen (boil in soap-soda solution for 2 hours), dishes (in 2% soda solution for 15 minutes), drinking water, toys, food debris. The steam-air mixture is the active principle in the steam-formalin disinfection chamber; in disinfection chambers, they disinfect the patient's belongings and bedding. Ultraviolet irradiation is used to disinfect indoor air in medical and other coca cola art institutions (lamp BUV-15 or BUV-30).

What is the chemical method of scary stories disinfection?
The chemical method of disinfection consists in the use of chemical agents that are detrimental to pathogens of infectious diseases.

What chemicals are used for chemical disinfection scary stories?
Of chemical disinfectants, chlorine-containing preparations, phenols, formalin, coca cola art hydrogen peroxide, and alcohols are most often used in the practical work of infectious diseases departments.

Scary stories disinfection requirements
To achieve a reliable effect on the destruction of microorganisms, it is necessary to comply with the following requirements set forth in the guidelines (instructions for use).

Currently, the close attention of specialists is directed towards improving the quality of medical care to the population. It should be noted that recently the level of medical and diagnostic activities has increased markedly, the number of modern medical centers is increasing, and the qualifications of doctors are increasing in accordance with international standards.

Despite all the efforts of medical professionals, the epidemiological situation throughout the world continues to be very tense: the incidence of infectious diseases is still high.

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