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If India And Pakistan Were Roommates | Independence Day Special | Being Indian | #StayHome

It’s time to celebrate Independence Day, and also our special relationship with Pakistan. Being Indian presents, ‘If India and Pakistan were Roommates’. Like all roommates, the two buddies share a delightful relationship filled with arguments about cricket, coke studio, Taher Shah, and everything in between. In the battle of wits between the roommates, who will win? Watch our video to find out.
# BeingIndian #IndependenceDay
Cast – Tatsat Pandey, Tushar Gulati, Palak Shah, Siya Khanse
BI Channel head - Mayank Yadav
Director - Mayank Yadav
Writers - Mayank Yadav, Shubham Kharat, Anand Reghu
Cinematographer - Ihjaz Aziz
Assistant Director – Palak Shah, Shubham Kharat
Creative Producer - Tushar Gulati
Editor - Rony Dsouza, Amar Nirmal
DI Colorist - Amit Mishra
Music - Ankur Srivastava
Motion Graphics – Rushabh Waghela
Production Head - Vinay Iyer
Production Manager - Nirbhay Kumar
Assistant Production Manager – Magati Pradhan
Costume & Styling - Deepti Mhatre
Art Direction – Saugata Mandal
Design - Vishal Bhandari
Audience Development - Twinkle Sancheti
Sound Recordist - Shailendra Singh
Sound and Camera Equipment - Videoplus
Spot - Inder, Baikunth

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