Tablet Pro Install Guide 2019 - 2020 - On Screen touch keyboard hotkeys and shortcuts for Windows 10

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Please subscribe as we do software updates, bug fixes, and training here on our YouTube channel first. We want to make your tablet the most enjoyable and portable tool possible.

Ask questions in the comments here! I'm finding this is a GREAT place to ask your questions, I get them quickly with notifications on my phone.

Also, if you are having an issue type "ctrl + f" and search for answers in the comment section. You can also find more information and help by going to

⭐ - DESKTOP INSTALLER with Updated Presets Fall 2019- ⭐

Just the installer with no additional preset files - *WARNING a YouTube WARNING will pop up. That's because this link is for our installer (exe file)

Photoshop setup video -
Tablet Pro - Windows Store link

Tablet Pro Pen Tool - Windows Store link

Want Text Expansion for Windows 10? try our other software KeyPress OSD

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