Heritage Singers / I Got Jesus Medley - 45th Reunion Concert

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From our 45th Anniversary Reunion Concert on July, 2016.
With over 3 hours of memorable music, a bonus section featuring a special tribute to Max and Lucy, plus behind-the-scenes footage, we are very excited about the release of our 45th Anniversary Reunion Concert!
We've captured what was an unprecedented and unforgettable evening of music, praise and celebration on Blu-ray, DVD and CD.
Relive that awe-inspiring evening with over 130 Heritage Singers on stage!
The 45th Reunion Concert CD (music only) features 37 songs - including 6 medleys, is available now for purchase.
The Blu-ray DVD, and the regular DVD are also both available now! Call us: (530) 622-9369 or visit our web store: http://heritagesingers.com/store.
Our office hours are Monday -Thursday, 8:30 AM - 5 PM (PST).

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