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im beyond excited to share the piano version of my song waves featuring Shortly (www.shortlymusic.com)!

animal kingdom is available here: http://ak.cave.town/

tickets to my shows are at https://www.chloemoriondo.com !!

my album! rabbit hearted! u can find it frickin EVERYWHERE ! http://smarturl.it/chloemoriondo

Merch ~ https://chloemoriondo.com

Spotify ~ https://open.spotify.com/user/2e6f9mxlbcnc3tik6ud6hl5un/playlist/5rTHeeLthqOohFZc4P5Zx0?si=Lf_IYmiKTXattwKvK6Y7Ug

Apple Music ~ https://itunes.apple.com/us/playlist/animal-kingdom/pl.72ad19413f3848de8bc597ad4a8a5a89

Instagram ~ https://www.instagram.com/chloemoriondo

Twitter ~ https://twitter.com/kidzwithbugz

Bandcamp ~ https://chloemoriondo.bandcamp.com

Bandcamp (Animal Kingdom): https://cavetown.bandcamp.com/

Sometimes I feel like I wanna go back
To a time before my mind turned black
I miss the way it was
When instead of just my gooey brains all that melted was popsicles and the rain just pelted down
Down on me

Make me into more than a goner
Perhaps a little bit stronger
Thicker skin, less needy
And maybe to not bruise so damn easily, but you can’t
And I won’t

I want you to help keep me from growing older
Just let me snot on your shoulder when all that I’m thinking about is her
Give me everything you got, don’t need drugs ‘cause I can already feel my head rot
And it won’t stop
It won’t stop, it won’t stop, it won’t stop, it won’t stop
Please slow down, please slow down
Make it all slow down, make it all slow down


Business contact:

Zack Zarrillo | Synergy Artist MGMT | [email protected]

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