AMD's Vega: Devil's Advocate

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AMD's Vega: Devil's Advocate

AMD's Vega is still a relative mystery. But I'm using the same information as everybody else is to try and look at a worst-case scenario for the product, to counter out everybody else being so damn optimistic.

0:31 - Comparisons between Vega and Polaris preview
1:30 - AMD's upcoming CPUs look a lot more promising!
2:11 - AMD falling behind with GPUs
2:58 - Welcome to Vega
3:48 - The AMD fanboy echo chamber
4:26 - Geforce 1080: The competition
4:54 - Critical analysis of Vega previews
5:23 - Finewine Technology: The catch-all excuse for poor performance from early drivers
7:12 - Temperatures and power draw
8:04 - My predictions on Vega's future and competition
8:57 - Conclusion

Impact Prelude Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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