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Dark Cheese Origins: Shawn the Angry Pawn

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He's badly drawn, he's flat voiced, his every appearance is a commercial flop, but he cares not. He draws power from his own suck. For he is Shawn.


Today was an entirely uneventful day, right up until 4 59pm, when a Leprechaun came in through the window, hanging from a quad-copter. With a ruddy-cheeked smile, he lowered the pipe from his mouth and said "You've often wondered if everyone sees colour the same, or if one person's blue is another person's red. Well, I'm the Leprechaun of the Qualia Dimension and I can assure you, you all see colour the same." With that, the copter reversed through the window and floated away with the Leprechaun dangling pensively from it like a hastily outsourced Mary Poppins. We thought this was a minor anomaly given what we've been through, but upon reflection, the world now seems ever so slightly less mysterious. This hurts more than anything.

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