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Real Bulletproof Mandalorian Armor! (US Army in testing)

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For more information about AR500 Armor:
For more information about Galas-Tac airsoft armor:

Project Galac-Tac happened when several companies who provide gear to military and law enforcement decided to outfit Mandalorian-inspired airsoft armor with real deal military gear and ballistic protection. Two sets were made, one gray and one coyote tan, that were introduced in 2016 at an industry trade show.

Though the Project Galac-Tac armor was never for sale, you can still buy everything used to make the armor from the individual suppliers.

Meanwhile, the US Army has been developing their own Mandalorian-like armor with TALOS and the Lightweight Polyethylene Extremity Armor for Extremity Protection. They use Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene to increase wearer protection while reducing weight. Areas protected by this new class of armor match those protection by the armor used by the Mandalorian, with many technological features that you might find in a Star Wars film.

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