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Learn basic Spanish Vocabulary: Vegetables in Spanish


Vocabulary is your best gun when you want to learn a language. In this lesson you will learn the names of the vegetables in Spanish. In only 10 minutes, you will be able to say what you like and what you do not like in Spanish. Por ejemplo "A mí me gustan los pepinos. A mí no me gusta el brócoli. Sabe asqueroso." But I have to eat it to make my brain powerful. This lesson about the names of the vegetables will also teach you some very important differences between the names of the vegetables in Spain and in Latin America. This is good because if you are planning to go to Spain or to Latin America, you should know what words to use and what words not to use in Spanish for each country. You will also learn to talk in plural and in singular. For example, "en mi refri, tengo muchoS, peninoS, porque a mí me gustaN mucho los pepinoS. En mi refri, tengo una cebolla. Tengo que ir a comprar cebollaS moradaS porque voy a hacer un guacamole bien sabroso. Do you realize how much you are going to learn with lesson with fatty acid Ana?

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Now, my dear fellow Spanish students, it is time you learn Spanish on your own. Learn a phrase every single day. Use each of the words to make a new sentence or a new phrase, add a quality to the word. Make each word singular and plural, give them different qualities in singular and in plural. Get your friend who speaks Spanish to check what you wrote. Remember, vocabulary is a powerful tool. The more you learn words, the easier it gets to speak the language. In this case, precious Spanish.

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