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Receivables - Introduction to Receivables


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Are you looking for an introduction to receivables? If so, this video is for you. The Gleim Basic Accounting Video series is designed to give you an in-depth view of the most critical topics in Financial Accounting. Led by Professor Amy Ford, the Introduction to Receivables video provides information on the basics of accounting for receivables, how to prepare journal entries' and valuation methods for receivables. This is the first of nine videos focused on Receivables; all nine can be found in the full Basic Accounting Video course available by clicking the link above. Along with the Introduction to Receivables video, the course has 75 other videos on the following subjects: Accounting Cycle, Financial Statements, Statement of Cash Flows, Inventory, Property, Plant and Equipment, Current Liabilities, Long Term Liabilities, Investments, and Financial Statement Analysis and Earnings per Share. You can find an example of a video from each of those topics in the playlist link or individually listed below. Whether you are a current accounting student wanting to learn more about these topics or you have been out of school awhile and need a refresher in financial accounting, the Gleim Basic Accounting Video series is perfect for you!

Preview all 10 topics from the Playlist here:

Or choose any of the 9 remaining topics below:
Accounting Cycle - Introduction to Transactions

Financial Statements - Introduction to Financial Statements

Statement of Cash Flows - Introduction to Statement of Cash Flows

Inventory - Introduction to Perpetual Inventory

Property, Plant and Equipment (PP&E) - Introduction to PPE

Current Liabilities - Introduction to Current Liabilities

Long Term Liabilities - Introduction to Bonds Payable

Investments - Equity and Debt Investments

Financial Statement Analysis and Earnings Per Share - Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis

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